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A service that provides you with access to over thousands of the best chefs worldwide. Find the best recipes, get "FOODspiration", and connect with other foodies.

Food Your Way

Find food you love the way you want it! Hire a personal chef to cater to your taste buds!

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Available in both the App Store and the Google Play store with in-app purchases and upgrades unlocking thousands of features!

About Foodie Portfolio

Hello we are Jashele and Colby, two Lambda School students and foodies. One day we were discussing how we wished there was a way to go to a restaurant and get food prepared exactly how you want it. However, sometimes it can get complicated and it still doesn't end up right. And you end up saying to yourself, 'WTF', right? We ended up with WTFoodies that allows you access to get food made the way YOU want it with your own personal chef. The chef listings include chefs you will cook for you anywhere and travel all over.

Some of our app features include:


WTFood is available on Android and iOS devices. Our application is lightweight, and easy to use. We are proud to have designed our application from the ground up and put a heavy focus on usability.

While the application is great for mobile usage, we also have a convednient desktop application that is compatible with most web browsers. Visit to become a member today.

Our application is completely customizable. You can change the size of the images, the background colors, the font, the types of recipes you see, and so much more. Download the demo to learn more.

WTFoodie currently hosts over 3000 recipes that range from soups, to BBQ, to salads, vegan, vegetarian, and everything in between. If you have a recipe to share, become a member and we offer discount for regular recipe uploads.

WTFoodie is proud to announce that Monday's are burger of the week days. We have a brand new burger recipe every Monday. Sign up to learn more and submit your burger of the week recipe.

Recipe discounts and feature discounts. Many of our chefs get their memberships free or discounted heavily because they upload a new recipe every month. The more involved you are in WTFoodie, the bigger the discount.

Live Demo

Our live demo features a limited amount of accessability, and a time limit on usage, but is a great way to get an idea of the amount of incredible recipes we have on WTFoodie. Download today to learn more.

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  • 100 Recipes
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  • $50/Month
  • Unlimited Recipes
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  • 10 Chef Profiles
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